“To discover your true identity IN a whole and liberated out-look”

The practice is specialising in pastoral counselling as the specialising field of the counselling. Carin Olwagen uses a unique approach namely: The Body, Soul and Spirit approach in the counselling which she developed with Dr C.J. Hugo from UNISA.

Through the approach, the client is journeyed with in a discovery of their spiritual identity which has positive effects on them as a whole person.

The latter approach helps the client in gaining objectivity in the midst of overwhelming emotions and helps to open up blind spots to see positive outcomes. Through the approach, patterns are identified which helps the client discover positive outcomes and discover their worth and true identity. This promotes health and wholeness.

The focus on the spiritual identity can help individuals from all ages, sex and ethnicity groups (diverse participants), experiencing a problem. Long term outcomes are seen rather than short term skills applied.

The approach is thus uniquely relevant in the context of pastoral counselling. The latter improves the quality of counselling and includes the spiritual dimension in counselling, thus opening up discussion on faith and spirituality within the counselling context, as preferred by the client.

The counselling is guided by principles of ethics in the client/s right to personal privacy, confidentiality and autonomy. She recommends 4-6 sessions minimum to see positive outcomes in the counselling as a short term intervention.