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The Practice

Carin Olwagen has been in private practice since 2008 and is focused on “A multidisciplinary approach in steering people to wholeness” - BSS WHOLENESS CENTRE. She is currently completing her MBA in Psychology with a specialized focus area which is: “To discover your true identity IN a whole and liberated out-look” signifying a holistic approach in psychology opening up discussion on identity issues affecting people positively.

She has experience in dealing with a variety of problems and was also an affiliate for various Employee Wellness companies in the past, acting as telephonic counsellor, was a platinum affiliate in seeing client’s face2face, as well as having experience in mentoring other counsellors as a Senior Clinician.

Currently she is affiliated with Traumacall which is also an EWP company specializing in trauma call-outs.

Psychological Services

Come to the discovery of your true identity!

Stress management
Anger management
Trauma debriefing and management
Depression management
Anxiety management
Relationship management
Personal issues and "self esteem"/"self actualization"
Career management
Absenteeism, time management, conflict management, worker relationship management, stress and pressure management, work-life balance, managerial consultancy
Financial management
Life coaching
Motivation management
Symptoms of abnormal behavior management
Career assessment tests
Learning and study problems
Pastoral counselling
EWP: Employee wellness management

Services includes: Children, teenagers, adults, couple’s, families and groups

Services provided through:

Telephonic, Skype, Face2face and Call-out

Also affiliated with www.traumacall.co.za