Hearing His Grace echo: Free to fly

For years I have studied the Scriptures and did theological studies – searching for answers to what true faith is. I knew in my innermost being that there had to be more.

I discovered that He found me all along and that I have always belonged in all’s dancing Father’s house! The treasure hid in the argricultural field never lost it’s value! The Scriptures were pointing to Christ, and Christ is the exact portrait of our Father, and He is the exact portrait of me!

His Perfection, Innocence and blamelessness resonated inside of me, as I beheld and gazed at the Portrait and realized it was a mirror all along! He is the Answer from all eternity, unveiled in me!

Redeemed from a theological mindset that held me captive. Co-seated in Christ! I heard His Grace-echo inside of me and finally I AM free to fly and echo His call to all! Now a living poetry of my Papa, in His eternal embrace! The much more good news, of the Faith of our Papa!

Carin Olwagen